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  • Amanda Wolfe

SEO Tips and Trends That Cut Through the Noise

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Whether you want to persuade your audience to buy something, believe in something, or learn something, your online presence is often your first point of contact. But, no matter how much time you've spent crafting and polishing your message, it can get lost in the shuffle if your marketing plan doesn't include SEO: search engine optimization. Read on for current SEO tips and trends for seasoned marketers, beginners looking for search engine optimization tips, and especially those in Galveston County looking to boost their Google results! The internet is a noisy place, but search engine optimization can help amplify your voice.

SEO Tips: The Basics

Of all the search engine optimization tips out there, the first and best is to think of Google as a partner, and even a coach, rather than an adversary that needs to be "tricked" or "fooled." Using the right keywords in your content helps Google point the right audience to your site based upon searches. This is known as organic SEO.

Good organic SEO practices will help boost your ranking (where your site appears in a list of search results). For example, if you have a pet-grooming business in Galveston County, you'll want to include phrases like "pet grooming in Galveston" when writing your site content. Use a light hand with keywords, though – if it doesn't flow naturally, it may sound forced, and put off potential customers! Focus upon writing engaging content first, and tweak it to add your SEO keywords and phrases.

In the early days of the internet, keywords were placed in the <meta> tag of your page’s code; now, Google, Bing, and other search engines have advanced enough to exclude it altogether. One often-forgotten, but beneficial, form of keywording is adding “alt text” to images in your code. This provides the sight-impaired with a description of any images in your content.

SEO Tips and Your Marketing Plan: What to Do in 2022

When creating your marketing plan and building out your online presence, consider the changing needs of your target audience. Some of the most current features you'll want to include are:

  • Mobile-Friendliness. Like it or not, smartphones are in most users' hands nearly 24-7. You may even be reading this on yours right now. SEO-enhanced content needs to be accessible on mobile platforms to ensure you're getting all your potential traffic, and Google offers a free “Mobile-Friendly Test” to check your URL. An up-to-date and mobile-friendly SEO plan should also include...

  • Voice Search. A decade ago, Apple's introduction of Siri for the iPhone ushered in the era of hands-free search. Google Voice Search, Alexa, and others soon followed, and according to media measurement and analytics company Comscore, more than half of smartphone owners are currently using voice search technology. Voice search is also inclusive of those who use voice-to-text due to difficulties with typing. To incorporate this into your content, focus on a conversational tone. What questions will people ask that your keyworded content can answer?

  • Video Content. Some of the eyes you want to reach will enjoy reading, while others find video more appealing thanks to YouTube, TikTok, and other video platforms. Adding video to your content makes it more engaging, personal, and shareable. Best of all, it can enhance your Google presence if your content shows up in both traditional results and Google’s Videos section. SEO is as essential to your video channel as to your site, so take extra care in creating your channel description and choosing your keywords for each video.

  • Ethical Backlinking. Links to your site from other sites – known as backlinking – can help your search ranking. Some sites may offer paid backlinking; but, as tempting as paying for links, flooding social media, or any other less-than-ethical means of getting those backlinks may seem, you can instantly ruin your reputation, and Google will penalize you too. Following SEO tips to grow your audience organically, and being judicious with things like guest posts and link exchanges, shows integrity and encourages trust from savvy end-users.

Galveston SEO Pros, Beginners, and Everyone in Between: We Have You Covered.

If you’re in the Houston/Galveston area, and need an assist with your SEO or marketing plan, contact JanMar Agency for help tailored to your goals. Our marketing pros have the proven experience to help your brand and message shine. And, as long as you’re online, follow us on Facebook!

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