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Seasonal Marketing

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Ah, spring is in the air! No not the dreaded allergy season that comes with every March. You may notice Springtime products and promotions popping up everywhere from limited edition candy flavors to discount codes from your favorite shops. But have you wondered why those seasonal promotions tend to appear around holiday time? Those promotions are all because of seasonal marketing!

What is Seasonal Marketing?

Seasonal marketing is promoting products or specific services based on annual events either official holidays such as Christmas, non-traditional holidays like Earth Day and even annual cultural events like Back-To-School or summer vacation. This is used to identify opportunities to promote and get the best reach for your business.

Benefits to Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is an effective and creative way to promote and boost sales. One of the many benefits includes simplified marketing efforts since the campaign will be based around a season or holiday giving you a template or a theme to work with. This also boosts sales and creates urgency if using the end of the season as a deadline. In effect, this strategy also helps maintain a year-round presence. This is the time to engage with new clients or showcase new promotions, creating a lasting memory and positive association of the holidays with your business.

How can it be applied to your business?

Applying seasonal promotions to your business can be a fun and creative way to grab the attention of your target audience. During this time it is also great to thank loyal clients with an original and personalized approach. Thanking a loyal client can be shown in many ways, from sending a personalized postcard, an email thanking them once again or even acknowledging your loyal clients through social media. If your business provides a product or service you may offer a limited time discount code.

Preparation for a Seasonal Campaign

To have a successful seasonal marketing campaign there are many things your business needs to be aware of before jumping right in. Your business needs to find the most beneficial season for a campaign. Finding the most beneficial season to start a campaign will not only boost sales for your business but will also benefit the consumer whether it be a service or product. An example of this would be a stationary company offering a sale of supplies during the back to school season. This will allow the company to move the existing product off the shelves and will benefit the consumer with the new sale of supplies. Once you have identified which season has the best opportunity, research similar campaigns to evaluate and how to approach new content. With this knowledge, you will find similarities between each campaign to help aid the overall message of the campaign.

Key Takeaways

Finding the best seasonal opportunity for your business will help maintain your business’s year-round presence.Taking the steps to prepare for a seasonal marketing campaign provides an opportunity to find a creative way to showcase new promotions and your target audience.

Managing and maintaining your company’s marketing campaign can be time consuming and tedious. If you lack the knowledge or time, let JanMar Agency help. We have been dreaming up creative ways to garnish your client’s business for decades. Give us a call to learn more 409.502.8221

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