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Make a Splash the Classic Way with Print Media

We live in a decidedly digital era, with most business conducted online and via email, so print media may sound like an outdated or unnecessary element when it comes to your marketing plan. However, newspapers, magazines, billboards, postcards, and other printed materials still reach millions of people every day. They’re also “real-world” items that can be referenced quickly instead of being buried in your potential customer’s inbox.

Print media may seem like a thing of the past, but it remains one of the best marketing investments you can make. In fact, worldwide industry statistics show that a 1,000% return on your print investment in the form of increased sales is not uncommon! If you do business in Harris County or Galveston County, print media has likely influenced you at some point; from brochures to signs to Chamber of Commerce booklets, print advertising opportunities are almost limitless.

An ad in a publication targeted toward your desired audience shows that you know your product or service (and your customers) well enough to put your message in print. For instance, a sports-related business would reach the right eyes in a ballpark handout, while a painting studio might place an ad in a weekly newspaper covering arts and entertainment.

Besides being flexible, targeted, and tangible, print media also keeps your potential customers engaged longer than online media (which often has to fight with pop-ups, mobile notifications, and other “noise” that can distract people from your message). Websites are usually scanned for as little as a few seconds, while newspapers and magazines will be read for a much longer period of time.

Common types of print media

  • Newspapers range in scope from neighborhood periodicals to national publications, are printed daily, weekly, or monthly, and may cover general news or topics like music or local events. While the largest newspapers will reach a wider audience, local papers are a budget-friendly outlet for small businesses.

  • Magazines tend to have more specialized content, such as culture, fashion, or technology, and include trade publications – a perfect way to reach a very specific group of potential customers.

  • Billboards and signs can be a big investment, but also make a big impact. Your message will definitely be noticed on the highway (or on the inside or outside of a bus or train car).

  • Direct mail can be one of the least appealing forms of print advertising for consumers, but not if you add value to your mailer. You can increase your direct mail success by adding a coupon or menu to bring in business.

  • Beyond the basics above, you may want to get creative with your print media. Think outside the box (or the brochure or the newspaper ad) and explore ideas like stickers or loyalty cards to make a big impact with a small investment.

What makes a print campaign successful?

Obviously, you’ll want your print media to stand out and accurately reflect your brand. To accomplish that, you’ll need:

  • Eye-catching graphic design. This is the most obvious element, but it can sometimes be difficult to achieve unless you’re highly experienced. Hiring a print design professional is advised, because they’ll not only be able to produce a top-quality design, but they also know the technical requirements to set it up for accurate and cost-effective printing.

  • Concise, engaging copy. Unlike online advertising and marketing, print media has a limited amount of physical space for you to get your message across. An experienced copywriter can help you make a big impression with carefully crafted words.

  • A targeted marketing plan. For the best results, you’ll want to identify your target audience, choose the form(s) of print advertising that will reach them most effectively, and determine whether to include things like coupons or special offers.

Expanding your marketing to the offline world

The best print advertising will reflect your brand and work seamlessly with your digital presence. But, where do you begin? Whether you have a billboard budget or need a small but effective print media campaign in Harris County or Galveston County, JanMar Agency’s graphic design and marketing team has the expertise to make your print campaign sing. Give us a call at (409) 502-8221 or book a free one-hour consultation online.

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