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5 Types of Print Marketing You Didn’t Know You Needed

With the world becoming more digital by the day, many businesses are wondering if print marketing is still effective. Despite the rise of digital media, print marketing is something your should still consider including it in their marketing plans and budget. Longevity, flexibility, high engagement, cost effectiveness, reputation and relationship building are a few factors to consider with print marketing. In addition, print campaigns can be highly personalized for better engagement with consumers. This allows for reaching a specific target audience, demographic, location, or personalized design.

Below are 5 types of printed marketing materials you can begin utilizing for your business today.


Brochures not only reach your target audience, but they are also a great way to interact with them. They are cost effective and serve as a consistent business branding tool. Consumers can learn a great deal about your business based solely on its appearance, and offer a personal touch when distributing them yourself. These pieces can be designed to be referred to again and again. Brochures are also very cost effective, which allows you to test out different brochure designs and see what offers the business the most return on investment (ROI). Consider using QR codes to point your clients back to a website or point of purchase.


Used since the 1800s as a promotional marketing tool, stickers are a tried and true type of advertising. More effective now than ever, when it comes to making a connection with consumers or your target market, stickers make your brand stand out. Not only will stickers make life easier for your brand supporters to spread your message, but stickers allow for maximum creativity. Try integrating a sticker campaign to the marketing you are already doing online. Listing websites or social media urls into your design, allow viewers to access more information. If you are collecting emails on your website you can offer free stickers as an incentive for people to give you their email address!


Using maps for marketing purposes is nothing new. Maps for marketing can be customized to a specific area, allowing the map to promote your business location. By developing a brand for the area that your business is located in, you are helping to secure the client’s positive perception of your city, town or region. Maps also help future customers see you as not only a business, but as a business that is part of a larger community. Whether you think that maps are important or not for your business, it should be considered, especially if your business is located in a tourist market.

Loyalty card

There are major reasons why your business should have loyalty cards as part of your marketing strategy. Some of these include loyalty, high return on investment through repeat business, and building relationships with customers.

Loyalty means, offering promotions, discounts, or free products to customers to keep them incentivized to do business with you again in the future. If customers are happy with the products or services that your business offers, they will continue doing business with you and will refer you to others.

Having repeat business should be a goal for any business, creating a loyalty card can get you closer to that outcome. It's the perfect incentive to draw the customer back to your business, and again, a good loyalty card should incentivize customers to return. A punch card that gives a free coffee after repeated purchases is a good example.

Overall, loyalty cards help improve customer relationships. It reminds customers, they are important. It is 10 times harder to create a new customer than to keep an existing one, and loyalty cards help stay top of mind when they are thinking of buying the product or service that your business offers.

Business card

Business cards, unlike other print material, can be used at any place and at almost any time. Easy to carry, business cards are a great way to promote your business not only to potential clients, but to pass on information through employees, friends, or even family members. Business cards are very personal, and if your business card is well designed it will rarely get discarded. If done well, your business card may get shown or shared between business contacts or colleagues. Plus, business cards emphasize that you are a professional and that you are serious about your business.

If you would like for us to help with any of the above strategies to implement into your marketing strategy book a free one hour consultation with us at (409) 502- 8221

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