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What Is Content Marketing

When marketing any business, it is essential to know what types of content are most effective. To take your content marketing further, you need to have an idea of what works best for your business and how to best organize your content so it can be utilized whenever and however needed. Here we review the beginner’s guide to content marketing and the importance of constructing your content library for later use in your business.

Creating content for your business or brand is more important now than ever before. So, what is content anyway? Content is defined as, "something that is to be expressed through some medium, such as speech, or writing." Content is delivered via different media including, the Internet, cinema, television, radio, smartphones, books, e-books, magazines, live events, and more. Content within media focuses on attention and how receptive the audience is to the content. For a complete list of content types and an explanation on “Creating Killer Content, check out our previous blog

Why Should I Consider Content Marketing?

Consider content marketing as a supplement to your current marketing efforts. With some basic changes in your approach, the bang for your buck could be substantial. Understanding why content creation is so important is the first step in mastering content marketing. Marketing as a whole is about communicating what you do, while content marketing is about showing you are great at what you do! This means creating content consistently. With consistent content creation, you are building domain authority with the search engines and building brand authority with your potential clients.

The goal with content marketing is to build trust and position your business as the expert in your industry. With this approach, clients are more likely to find value in your content and refer to your business when the products or services you provide are needed. With a strategic approach to content creation, brands create a need to fill. Take a moment to reflect on your products and services and how you can take advantage of content creation for next year’s marketing plan.

What is a Content Library?

Just like physical libraries holding a plethora of references and knowledge, content libraries are a collection of media catered to your business needs. Content libraries are designed to store and organize content such as photography, videos, templates, and logos. Content libraries are not archives for everything you have created, but rather, they are libraries that contain the best of your work you want to reuse again in your marketing. Mission statements, product descriptions, and social media templates are a few examples of content that could be in a content library.

The organization of a content library depends on what content you want to store and create. Peak Prosal’s “Creating a Content Library for Your Best Content” is a fantastic resource to read further about methods of content library organization and optimization.

It is never too late to optimize your content. Taking the time to review the message you want to convey, how you want to communicate it, and how to make the creation of that content most effective, will make marketing easier.

If you find yourself needing help getting started, contact the team at JanMar Agency today for a Free 1-Hour Consultation to see how a Galveston, Texas-based content marketing team can help you get started today.

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