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  • Haley Saldaña

Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In this day and age, having a social media presence matters now more than ever. The internet is constantly looking for the next viral tweet, photo, or video. People want something that sparks a conversation or piques their interest, and with the entire world being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, internet usage is unbelievably off the charts. This is a huge opportunity to launch an effective and engaging social media campaign straight from your own home and take advantage of all of the marketing and exposure that has presented itself. Here are some tips to help get your social media campaign for your business up and running.


One of the most important aspects to an effective social media campaign is to create audience engagement. People spend an average of 1.7 seconds on mobile content. So many ads are being constantly thrown at people that it is extremely easy for some social media campaigns to become completely irrelevant. To combat this, you must keep your audience’s attention long enough to get them interested in your business. A long Facebook post with only text and no pictures is a huge no-no. You want your audience to remember you and your business so that you gain more traction by getting your name out there. Now, the question becomes: What are some good engagement strategies?


People respond better to content that is graphically appealing. A post that has only text will not get as much attention as the post with a nice picture. Three out of the five most used apps in the United States are photo and video related. Use pictures and short videos that appropriately relate to the content that you post, while catching the viewers’ attention and inviting them to engage with your post. It is time to bust out that stunningly, iconic sunset photo you have saved in your photo library.


You want your audience to both trust and endorse your business. This can be achieved simply by putting more of a personal element into your social media presence. Take time to answer comments on your posts and establish a connection between your business and your consumers. Invite people to engage with your content. Create polls and request fans and followers to speak up on your posts to get more interaction with your business pages. You can even use client testimonials as content to promote your business while giving your valued customers a shout out. Take inspiration from your local community in your posts and get involved! Remember to stay authentic and the more you engage with your audience, the more positive exposure you will receive.


People are looking for entertainment and something that evokes a reaction from them. Seeing the same type of social media content every day becomes old and, eventually, falls into irrelevancy. It is important to switch things up now and again so that your content does not become stale. Keeping things fun and fresh is the key to staying relevant! If you are only posting photos maybe try adding some videos or even consider going live to do a Q&A. Hey, even give hashtags a try! All social media platforms offer different forms of content and it is up to you to see what works best for your business. When attempting new styles of engaging content, make sure to take a look at your analytics. They will be your best friend. Analytics show how well your new strategies are working out. This way you are able to discover the perfect content formula that works best for your brand.

Social media consumption is on the rise and users are looking for the newest and most fresh content to engage with. It is important for all businesses, both big and small, to create campaigns that grab and hold the consumers’ attention. Creating visually appealing content, interacting with your followers, and trying new content mediums are only a few of the best ways to keep your content fresh and engaging. Using these best practices in your own business’ social media content will help to get your page noticed and receive more engagement. We here at JanMar Agency want to help you get your social media campaign to its highest potential. If you’re looking for some help with marketing your business, give us a call today for a FREE one-hour consultation!

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