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Audience Engagement; How to Shape Quality Content to Appeal to Your Audience

Presenter engages audience with quality content
Engage with high quality content

In our current digital landscape, a business’s online engagement is not only essential but standard. Consumers expect to be able to keep up with their favorite brands and businesses on a variety of different platforms. As the ever-hungry content monster grows and consumer attention spans shrink, it can be difficult for businesses to produce high-quality content while finding new and exciting ways to engage their audience. As a top Texas marketing firm, JanMar Agency is always researching ways to produce quality content creation that appeals to our client’s audience. Here are some tricks of the trade:

Know your audience:

Knowing your audience is the first and most important step in any marketing strategy. There’s no point in trying to sell farm-fresh dairy in vegan groups or vice-versa! It doesn’t matter what content you produce if you aren’t familiar with your target audience. So how do you get to know them? Businesses can collect information on their target demographics in a number of ways:

  • look at competitors - evaluating a brand that has the same target audience as you allows you to clearly see what elements of their marketing strategy appeal to your audience.

  • create a customer persona - a customer persona is a tried and true tactic that allows businesses to further conceptualize their audience.

  • get to know your customers personally - If you work with clients one-on-one, take the extra time to get to know them on a personal level. Find out what engages them, provokes them, or excites them.

  • Monitor comments and engagement - monitoring comments, likes, and shares allows you to see how your campaign performs in real-time, and what types of content your audience is particularly receptive to.

Knowing your audience’s content consumption habits, interests, and needs allows you to create high-quality content that is valuable to them. JanMar Agency can assist you in honing in on your target audience and optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

Your Platforms are Tools:

Once you become familiar with your target demographic, you can begin to pinpoint the platforms that will best cater to your prospective customers and clients. If high-quality content creation is your goal, understanding social media platforms are tools and how to best use them, is critical. Set up accounts on a variety of different platforms, take some time to look at your metrics, and analyze what types of content on which platforms best engage your audience. There are countless metrics to survey, we suggest paying specific attention to:

  • Time on Page - How long someone spent viewing your page.

  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking action.

  • Scroll Depth - How far people scroll down on your page.

  • Number of Shares - Indicates how popular your posts are, and the overall reach of your content.

  • Number of Comments - Indicates how engaging your posts are, and what your audience finds valuable.

Analyzing your metrics allows you to focus your energy on the platforms your audience is particularly responsive to. JanMar Agency can assist with finding the best platform for your business and has some great tips in our “2023 Social Media Need to Knows.”

Social Media as a Visual Language:

A catchy headline might lead consumers to click on your page, but how can you get these viewers to engage with your content? According to the American Marketing Association, language that is easier to process encourages an audience’s sustained attention, as does language that evokes emotion. Social media platforms give brands and businesses the opportunity to convey a visual language or a story. Quality content creation will ideally stimulate a feeling from your audience. What grabs attention is not necessarily what holds attention, and an audience that feels drawn to, connected to, excited, or curious about a brand is more likely to revisit or engage with that brand’s page. Here is an example of two headlines that could have been used for “My Body After Birth,” an article by Leila Boullion featured our last issue of Culture Clash Magazine:

  • “Extreme Health Complications After Childbirth” - Yes, this headline is eye-catching and not very difficult to understand, but it’s also gimmicky. It implies a story the reader could watch on Grey's Anatomy, rather than a Culture Clash exclusive, an intimate story you won’t find anywhere else!

  • “My Body After Birth” - The language used for this article title is easy to understand and digest, yet does not reveal the whole story. It implies that an important event, Childbirth, has led to a significant change, but leaves the audience questioning and curious. The headline is nuanced and tells a story in itself.

Whether you’re telling a story with articles, still images, or graphics, it’s all about high-quality content that converts, and the language your business uses will speak for itself (pun intended). JanMar Agency can help you tell your brand’s story through a strong digital marketing strategy.

Don't be afraid to ask for help:

We could all use a little help sometimes! Curating high-quality content to reach the largest audience can be a full-time job. If you’ve hit a rut with your content, ask your audience what content THEY want to see from you. One of social media’s greatest assets is that it allows for an open dialogue between businesses and consumers—use this to your advantage! Allow your audience to help you. Additionally, JanMar Agency can assist in the creation of a strong digital marketing strategy that resonates throughout Galveston County, Harris County, and beyond.

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