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Blog Writing 101 | Blogception

With time and effort put behind every typed word, a well-written blog doesn't come out of thin air. Integrating blogs into your website can be an investment, but is necessary for keeping your business in front of your audience with fresh and relevant content, keywords, and expert information. If you are considering blogging as part of your marketing strategy, consider these important tips to help take you through the entire process of conception, planning, and execution.

Why is blogging so important?

Why blogs? Since the late 1990s, the functionality and popularity of online blogging has grown. Blogs are a way to deliver fresh and relevant content and are now staples of business communities, allowing business owners and their audiences to interact beyond purchasing or hiring services. Practices of a well-developed blog include a variety of methods. Backlinking, a link from some other website to that web resource, is often an afterthought when conceptualizing and developing content for blogs. If you find another blog to be high enough quality, you should consider referring to it as a resource for your own writing. Including links to resources that were used to help develop your blog not only strengthens your research but provides additional, trusted material for your readers to continue to read in the provided links. Most importantly, if your blog is well written and truly a resource, other blog writers may backlink to your blog! This is by far the most desirable outcome as the more backlinks (or referrals) your website receives, the higher Google will rank your website.


Staying in front of your audience is an important aspect of successful online marketing, and there are many ways to do it with your blog. From cooking to computerware, keeping up with what’s going on in your industry is important. Audiences using search engine sites such as Google will use specific wording, called keywords, to find information they need. Identifying and utilizing keywords related to your blog topic can help to drive your website farther up the list of competing blogs and articles found in search. Nothing new and exciting to blog about? Reviewing and updating your old blogs with keywords related to its topic will help you and your brand excel in the world of blogging. As with new blogs, when updated keywords are searched, keywords used consistently in writing will pop up in results and drive your blog to be higher up on the list of other competing blogs. For more information about keywords and SEO be sure to check back in October 2021 for our latest keyword tips and know-how!

Additional Marketing

In campaigns, there is nothing without a foundation. Having a researched topic for your blog can not only provide a foundation for future marketing campaigns and content but can help tie your released content back into your branding. Expanding on your blog also ensures you are seen as an expert in your field about your topic. Being seen as a reliable source of information, as well as services, can strengthen your audience’s faith and trust in your business.

Starting a blog can be a fantastic asset for keeping your business in front of your audience. If you find yourself needing help directing these or any other marketing practice, contact JanMar Agency. For timely, valuable business advice and content writing help, book a FREE one-hour consultation with our team. Let’s get writing!

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