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2021 Travel Industry Marketing Tips

Did you know businesses in the travel industry are experiencing a new influx of clients ready to travel again with the rise of Coronavirus vaccinations? Every business should practice marketing through social media, advertisements, and design a user-friendly website. Not only do attentive marketing strategies attract new people to your audience, they encourage your existing audience to visit your business again. Follow these tips to ensure your practices are optimized for your travel industry business.

Social Media

How did you use social media in 2020? Through the Covid pandemic, social media proved to be more important in communication and marketing than ever. Google my Business, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the top 3 platforms implemented in many marketing strategies. With these platforms, you can create social campaigns that encourage your audience to visit the places you offer plans to travel to. Marketing for the travel industry can be done through eye-catching graphics and exciting captions, Maintaining an active social media presence can help your travel business stay in front of your audience.


Do you recognize when something is an advertisement? Advertisements, whether we acknowledge them or not, are a part of our everyday life. Product placement, print media, digital advertising - whichever format it takes, direct advertising can influence decisions. Now that many people are receiving the Covid vaccine and beginning to travel for the summer, how will you utilize advertising? Paper coupons, brochures, and flyers through direct mail campaigns can be implemented as people are returning to storefronts. Sending travel industry brochures in the mail isn't a thing of the past - review your branding to see what designs work best for your advertising campaign!


Do you have services that require booking? A well-designed website is a staple for your marketing just as much as a business card or advertisement. User-friendly online booking has a higher chance of producing completed bookings and gaining repeat customers. While over-the-phone bookings are a traditional way to accept reservations for your travel business, booking online generates documentation of purchases all in one place and allows your customer to easily book from anywhere in the world.. Overall, a well-designed and recognizable website brings repeat customers to your brand. Smooth, reliable customer experiences increase your businesses’ reputation, especially in the travel industry.

After a year of decline in the travel industry, the Coronavirus vaccine has given many industries a chance to come back better than ever. If you find yourself needing help directing these or any other marketing practices back towards your travel business, contact the team at JanMar Agency. With a FREE hour of consultation, we can help bring your business where you want it to be.

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