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The Importance of Owning a Website

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

We are living in a digital age. With over 2.27 billion monthly users on Facebook and over 40 million business pages according to NBC news, it's becoming difficult to have your business stand out with such high numbers. By creating your own web site you can improve your business web presence, which will attract new and existing clients.

Why your business needs a website

Anyone who has spent time browsing the web has most likely been exposed to the infamous Wix ad “You need a website, why not do it with Wix?”. As a business owner, have you ever asked yourself why you actually need a website? Having a web page can improve your business's credibility, increase the number of visitors to your social media platforms and help you become more visible to search engines. Building trust is another benefit of having a website. If your website appears to be authentic and credible, you will likely improve trust with your clients. Building and maintaining trust with your clients is key- the greater the trust your client has with your business, the more likely they are to return to your organization, becoming a loyal consumer. In addition to building trust, having a presence on the web will allow your business’s visibility on search engines to increase. This will help bring more attention to your business’s platforms since consumers will be more likely to take direct action when searching for information about your company.

The benefits of having a website

In this era, having a web presence is essential to a business’s survival and growth. Some businesses float along by simply having a Facebook Business Page. However, your business doesn’t actually own this page, Facebook does. This is a problem since your business has a lack of control and will be subjected to the rules and updates along with the limited design Facebook is automated with. When purchasing a website that belongs to your business you are in control of the kind of content your audience sees. Controlling the content your viewers see is very important, for a number of reasons - first impressions do matter! Your website is an extension of your business. If your website looks professional, clients are more likely to trust your organization. Being in control this gives an opportunity to be involved in creating the web page with a personalized and authentic touch. Web development platforms are an available resource that provides web building templates which help guides your business to make an authentic web page. Website building templates will help create a professional page without having to hire a third party to build your site.

Website versus a Facebook page

There are many pros and cons of having a website versus a Facebook page. A web page has the ability to keep your viewer’s attention solely on your business whereas Facebook has a much higher competition rate since there is new content continuously being produced. The strategies which can be used to capture your audience’s attention are endless, which is more appealing than using a standard layout provided by Facebook. The templates available to customize your website can be altered to fit your business’s brand whereas Facebook, has a limitation of what can be customized. When comparing the costs of both platforms, social media is essentially free, while there are fees for creating and maintaining a web page which can quickly add up.

Utilizing both a website and a Facebook page

Though it is essential for a business to have a web page, not all viewers will rely on one single platform to gather information. Using both platforms together will be most beneficial, finding the balance of what content to include on your website and the information to promote on social media will vary for each business. Your business has the opportunity to link your social media platforms together which will help increase more traffic onto each site, advertising on each platform will help to reach new and existing clients. Utilizing both a website and Facebook page will also provide insight into each campaign's performance. This is key, as understanding the success rate of your marketing efforts will allow you to plan for future campaigns.

Key takeaways Overall it is essential for your business to have a website in order to promote credibility and appear more professional. Although owning a website does not replace the use of social media, your business should utilize multiple platforms to reap the benefits for a higher success rate.

Managing and maintaining your company’s social media campaign can be time consuming and tedious. If you lack the knowledge or time, let JanMar Agency help. We have been dreaming up creative ways to garnish your client’s business for decades. Give us a call to learn more 409.502.8221

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