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Marketing Trends to Look for in the New Year

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

With the new year fast approaching, it seems as if everyone is scrambling to get their lives together, become a better human, and enter 2019 as a new person. This is usually how it happens when we get to the end of the year - we dream up these resolutions to lose weight, go to church every Sunday, or learn how to play a new instrument. Unfortunately, many of us tend to wander off our paths of transformation and end up sabotaging our goals.

Many businesses are finding themselves with a similar motivation to have a more successful year in 2019. If you’re one of these organizations who is seeking positive change in your business, how can you assure that you will stay focused on achieving your marketing goals? Here are a few trends to look for in the new year to help guide you toward creating an abundant year for business.


Studies in the past few years have proven that consumers are putting more trust in people they know, rather than traditional advertisements that have been around for decades. According to a 2015 Nielsen Survey, the most trusted types of content among consumers were people you know, branded sites, editorials, and customer reviews. Even further, an article from Business Insider claims that 30% of all Internet users will be using ad block features by the end of the year. This means that almost one-third of the Internet population won’t even see traditional ads on their screens. While it is not suggested to completely stop spending money on ads, we have seen many businesses put more of their resources into Influencer Marketing and Content Advertising. These strategies are designed to maintain trust and deliver value to consumers.


In the digital world, the majority of businesses reach consumers through virtual channels of communication such as MailChimp. In our October blog, we explained the benefits of using direct mail to send information to your customers. The value that is delivered through direct mail campaigns is greater now than it ever has been. With everyone else going digital, it is a refreshing and pleasant surprise to consumers when they find a postcard in their mailbox. Though it is a more costly method than digital mail, direct mail has proven to be very successful for many organizations. When opportunities come along to do something unconventional, the results can be very positive and create a lasting impact on consumers.


In some cases, certain methods of advertisement may be looked down upon, or simply not allowed by other departments of your organization. Interestingly, this is an issue that most successful businesses are not faced with. When organizations work together to create and implement forward-thinking marketing methods, departmental barriers seem to fall away as the company begins to reap the benefits brought about by the strategies. Creative marketing styles brings attention to your organization, leading to lower costs, higher sales, better talent, and potential investor opportunities. Engaging content drives all areas of the company, not just the marketing department.


Much like our children and pets, our customers expect us to know what they want and how to communicate with them. In today’s world, it is absolutely vital for marketers to know the ways in which their customers like to receive information. After all, if you are unaware of how your customers are searching for you, how can you expect them to find you or any of your information? Something to keep in mind: It is expected that half of all consumers will search for information through voice technology by 2020. What does this mean for you? Make sure that all of your basic business information, such as hours and location, is accurate and up to date. With all the communication platforms out there, as well as their analytics and insights tools, it has never been easier to unveil how your customers are seeking information. Take advantage of these mostly free data tools, and use them to navigate the waters of communicating to your customers.


While post scheduling and automated responses have made marketers jobs much easier, some businesses are coming across as too robotic. Relationships between business and consumer seem to have gotten lost or damaged by technology and automation. Combat this by maintaining an authentic voice with your audience. Whenever possible, speak to your customers directly and reply to all questions or concerns as soon as possible with helpful information. Creating this type of presence with your customers will greatly improve relationships and build brand loyalty.

When strategizing your organization’s 2019 marketing plan, keep these five trends in mind to get the year off to a good start. Stay focused on your goals and your company is sure to see a successful and abundant year.

Not sure where to begin when creating your 2019 marketing strategy? Let JanMar Agency help! Our team of creative individuals can provide your business with the necessary tools to crush the competition and have a thriving year!

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