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Engagement Marketing 101

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Have you ever looked back on an experience you had, but couldn’t remember exactly what happened? The details have forever left your memory, but one thing you can recall is how the experience made you feel. As marketers, we often try to create a similar experience for our audience. One that will leave you feeling excited, encouraged, and ready for action!

This is where engagement marketing steps in. Creating a memorable brand experience is challenging. These days it’s all about using personalization and customization to make users feel engaged and connected. The fundamentals for delivering this kind of meaningful experience are the building blocks of engagement marketing. We are seeing a greater number of brands switch from the tried and true methods of marketing, to more data-driven, immersive strategies.


A recent study revealed that almost 60% of consumers prefer to have an ongoing relationship with brands. In order to meet these wants, we must create personalized, immersive experiences for our audience. Additionally, more marketers are allocating larger chunks of their budget to interactive brand strategies. Not only do these tailored experiences form loyalty, they also support lead generation, increase sales, and make our customers feel valued.

Now how exactly do we build off of these insights and weave them into our marketing strategies? In order to design a meaningful experience, we must determine our brand’s value, and how we can share that value with others. Explained below are three ‘Tools of Engagement’ which can help guide you through this process.

1. Immersive Technologies

When it comes to event marketing, many brands are turning to more customized tools. This includes interactive touch screens, location mapping, and virtual reality. On the other hand, some marketers are using more simple approaches such as building comment boards where users can leave sticky notes. Whatever the approach, these tools and technologies are enabling marketers to capture and engage with audiences.

2. Data

Creating a customized experience can be tackled simply by having personal, face-to-face conversations. Start by giving people something they can use, such as data and statistics. Sharing data allows audiences to make a connection and gain an understanding of content. Once that connection is established, users can then share that knowledge with others. Marketers are using mobile identification technologies to connect audiences with real-time offers, updates, and personalized brand insights.

3. Content

Customers seek meaningful content. Sharing your company’s message through relevant business issues while using personalized customer data, sparks conversation and establishes your brand as a strong influencer. Hosting workshops, employing street teams, and collecting real-time data encourage audiences to share their experiences.

Let's Get Started!

With seemingly ever-changing technologies and consumer demands, these tools offer insight and direction. Try to imagine an unforgettable experience you’ve had, and challenge yourself to create a similar experience for your audience using some of these methods.

It is a tough, but fun time to be a marketer! Not sure how to get started? Let JanMar Agency help! From consulting, to street team promotion, we can make your wildest dreams become a reality!

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