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4 Key Trends in the Digital Marketing Shift

The World of Digital Marketing

With technology rapidly evolving around us, the way we communicate is also changing. Consumer expectations have never been higher, and that puts a great deal of pressure on brands.

The market place is so saturated today that consumers get stuck in the decision making process. They are relying on us as marketers to help them make these decisions. Additionally, consumers expect to have an immediate response to their questions about products and services. This is why digital marketing is now more important than it has ever been.

Here we will tell you 4 key trends that are critical to helping you build your brand and exceed customer expectations.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simply using machines to match human capabilities. Utilizing AI in a digital marketing strategy enables brands to provide consumers with a personalized experience. A good example of this is the bidding algorithm that is used in platforms such as Google Adwords. The brains behind the bidding tools for paid search campaigns belong to Artificial Intelligence. AI is also the “opponent” whom individuals play in games such as Candy Crush. The robot on the other side of the screen picks up on your patterns, and then uses that knowledge to make moves and defeat you.

So how can AI help build your brand? Incorporating a paid search campaign into your marketing strategy allows you to capture consumers using relevant keywords. Upon discovering the information they are searching for, these customers are then more likely to navigate to your business. There are also many promising platforms designed to help businesses identify patterns amongst their consumers’ behavior, and capitalize on that by creating a more personalized experience for the user.

2. Voice Search

Every time you ask Siri a question, or ask Alexa to order you more cat food, you are using voice search. These types of searches are completely changing the way consumers gather information. Voice search allows marketers to have a better idea of consumer intentions, since they are speaking directly to their device in mostly full sentences.

The best way to capitalize on voice search is to focus on SEO and restructure your paid search campaign. Initially, the approach behind SEO was to bid on key words and terms that consumers might use in their search for your business. However, with voice search taking over, SEO teams will find it more beneficial to bid on long-tail questions rather than short words or phrases. Businesses should also make certain that all pertinent information, such as location and business hours, is accessible through voice search.

3. Local Search

The number of local searches has increased continuously since 2011. Nearly three quarters of consumers who perform local or “near me” searches visit a business within 5 miles, and within 24 hours. If those statistics don’t prove the power of local search, this next one will. It is said that 55% of millennials will simply ignore brands who have bad reviews, or simply overlook businesses who don’t show up on their searches. That being said, local search is an area in which marketers should pay close attention.

Here’s how easy it is to ensure that your brand is taking full advantage of the local search trend. Make sure that your business has a visible location page that includes correct information so that consumers will know exactly where you are. Lastly, be certain to focus on your business reviews. Highlight those which best represent your brand, and respond to negative reviews with a positive outlook.

4. Mobile-First SEO

Website maintenance is a must for all types of businesses. With the direction that digital marketing is heading, mobile friendly sites are quickly becoming more important than desktop versions. Since many brands’ desktop and mobile sites are not equivalent, businesses can gain a huge competitive advantage by creating and maintaining a strong mobile site.

To leverage the mobile-first movement, marketers must establish strong mobile content that is consistent with their desktop version. Prevent negative user experiences by halting issues such as slow load times and funky formatting. Also, make sure that your brand uses a single URL to reach both your desktop site, and your mobile site.

The changes occurring in the digital marketing world seem intimidating. Pay attention to these 4 key trends and take the steps to incorporate new and improved strategies into your marketing campaign. These suggestions can help build your brand and exceed those high customer expectations.

Let us Help

Keeping up with the shifts in digital marketing can be a mind-boggling task. Contact JanMar Agency to help with all of your marketing needs!

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