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Visuals are possibly the strongest weapon in the marketing arsenal. These marketing tools allow emotion and information to be conveyed in one enticing image. Visuals can also be integrated into blog posts to segment information to keep the blog interesting and readable. As if there wasn’t enough benefits already, visuals can also help with SEO rankings. When people think of visuals in marketing most people think of logos, and for good reason. Logos are meant to be the face of company and convey its identity. However, graphics are a powerful marketing tool and have a fundamental role in almost all aspects of a marketing campaign. This includes websites, product design, product demos, emails, or blogs.

1. Infographics

content marketing infographic

Infographics in particular have been shown to create the most interest amongst people in the form of social media shares.

In fact infographics get 2.3X more shares than typical posts.

This tool is great at capturing people’s attention and getting across information in a visually pleasing, efficient way.

They can not only be used in digital marketing but are also effective in print such as brochures.

In short infographics are simply much more interesting and engaging than paragraphs of text.

2. Stock/Personal Photos

You can also let people get an idea of your company’s values through the use of photos. Powerful images can elicit emotions in a way that is just much more difficult to do using words. Stock images or personal photos can be used to achieve this. Personal photos should be used when your goal is to make your audience feel more connected and important to you. Personal photos, even if they are not the best quality can convey trust and show people that you are not just a corporate robot.

teacher and student photo * photo by Sasin Tipchai

3. Graphs and Charts

Although they are not as interesting graphs and charts are a useful tool to get across information that would otherwise be more complex if it were just typed.

marketing tools graph

Another added benefit is that people tend to remember images better than words and numbers, so organizing useful information in a graph or chart should be done whenever possible.

visual content infographic

Want help with content marketing?

Graphics are potentially the strongest marketing tool to generate brand awareness, however, creating original and attractive visuals can be a sizable challenge. JanMar Agency can help with that. We have professional graphic artists using the best software on the market to create stunning original visuals to help you achieve your goals.

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