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Consistently Inconsistent?

One of the most important parts of creating a company’s image is consistency. More importantly Brand consistency. Being able to maintain style whether it is through visual graphics or staying true to your values is a crucial element. Brand consistency is sending the same message to your employees and customers regardless of circumstances. This includes the values, the goals, the products, the services and even the fonts used on business cards and products. Customers should never be blindsided by the quality of a product or the message sent by a company. This concept is key to the success and longevity of a company.

How to stay consistent:

  • Never lose sight of your message: always reinforce the statement that you are trying to make. This concept is about making your message synonymous with the company.

  • Keep regular intervals: whether you are making YouTube videos or blog post, keep regular upload times. When people have a reliable source of content that they are looking for that has consistent upload times it allows them to implement it into their schedule. Consistency in this aspect builds trust within your brand.

  • Maintain uniform imagery: keep fonts coloring and images consistent throughout all promotional aspects. This principal is in place to make sure that the product of your company will be noticed immediately.

If you’ve fallen off the consistency train it’s time to pick yourself back up. It may be difficult to revive consistency but the importance of it cannot be ignored. The message that is conveyed through a uniform brand and a stable message is paramount.

Overall consistency creates a reputation and allows customers to trust the company they are supporting. This is the ultimate goal for many companies and it is the goal of JanMar Agency to get those companies there

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