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Why It Is Important To Make Your Small Business’ Website Accessible

According to the average person spends 62.4 percent of their day consuming digital media. In the next year, experts expect that number to rise; with more media being consumed each year, businesses must make their websites more accessible to all their consumers. As a small business, adding features to make your website easily accessible is something to consider to not only grow your business but to make your platform a better, easier place to access. Other reasons to consider making your website ADA compliant would be to stay out of legal trouble and building loyalty with consumers.

In 1990 when the Americans with Disabilities Act was put into law it set a standard prohibiting any discrimination of people with disabilities. What that means for businesses is having the right accommodations for customers. Such as ramps for wheelchairs, restroom accessibility, American Sign Language interpretations, and allowing service dogs. After a consensus in 2017, it was found that the ADA also covers the online world. This new addition requires all businesses to ensure their goods and services are equally as accessible as they would be to someone without a disability.

What you gain from making an ADA compliant website

Growing sales and search engine ranking:

For a small business website it is crucial to have your site be ranked as high as possible in search results, one way this is done is by gaining more visitors to your site. Increased traffic signals to search engines that your website has valuble information. Website accessibility is a key factor in making it easier for consumers to use your site, thus bringing more traffic onto your small business’ website. An ADA compliant website not only allows for a better chance at a high search engine ranking , it will in effect generate more revenue. The more people who see your website, the more people are able make the purchase. The CDC estimates 61 billion adults in the U.S. live with disabilities, making your website more accessible to people with disabilities not only benefits them but benefits your business.

Keeping your Business Safe from Possible Lawsuits

Lawsuits regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act Title iii have risen substantially in recent years according to High profile cases have given people with disabilities the knowledge that they can take legal action if a website is not accessible. An individual with a disability can take said legal action and not have to worry about legal fees as the ADA Title iii requires the defendant to automatically pay the plantiff’s fees. ADA lawsuits are not something to take lightly, according to, an average ADA lawsuit settlement comes out to $35,000. Most small businesses end up settling out of court because of the cost. Keeping your small business’ website accessible ensures that all customers with disabilities are able to use your platform with ease.

Brand Loyalty

Creating a platform that is easy to access is key to showing new customers you care and consider every type of consumer. The point of users finding your ADA compliant website is so that they will purchase and share with others. Most people with disabilities will have crossed a website that was not accessible to them, this can be frustrating and even insulting. Web accessibility is important for a small business as is aids in creating loyal customers and showcasing the brand as one of integrity.

What you can do

Making an ADA compliant website can be a daunting task, but you do not have to be a tech genius to add these key features to your website. Adding specific details to your website will ensure that consumers with disabilities that come to your website will feel accommodated and welcomed.

  • Adding Alt text to images on your site; this can be done by including an extensive description of the image that may be a bit more complex.

  • Having colors on your website that contrast so that text can be more readable.

  • If there are videos on your website, having in-sync captions on the video for users to read.

  • Podcasts or any speech without video should have an additional transcript.

  • Consider 508 testing to see if your site is ADA compliant

These features will make for a better experience for consumers with disabilities and keep your business in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Want more one-on-one help?

An overall benefit to making your website ADA compliant is the relationship you create with consumers and the reputation that follows. Consumers with disabilities will feel valued and more likely to share the brand with others. Consider making your Galveston based website ADA compliant, For more information on making your small or big business’ website accessible book a FREE 60-minute consultation with the experts at JanMar, we’re here to help with all things to keep your small business ADA compliant.

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