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Business Talk: Let’s talk Business Communication

In life and in business, communication and integrity are key. How we communicate speaks volumes about who we are as professionals and our business standards. As in all aspects of business, it is important to be prepared; this is crucial when trying to effectively communicate. Check out these useful tips to help the office run a little smoother.

Powerful Communication:

When an owner, or a manager speak with power, people are more likely to pay attention to what the speaker is saying. Sometimes you must relay information that doesn't seem important to the individuals to whom you are speaking. To gain the attention of your employees, speak with purpose, stand tall and make yourself heard.

Tips for Powerful Communication:

  • Speak with confidence

  • Stay persistent

  • Be enthusiastic

  • Explain thoroughly, so that there is no confusion

Speak with accuracy:

Your voice should be clear and at an appropriate volume; this ensures your audience can clearly hear you and minimizes misinformation. Keep your thoughts easy to follow and to the point, stay on topic and only relay the information you have prepared. When going off topic, it is easy to lose track and miss important information.

Tips for Speaking With Accuracy:

  • Use proper pronunciation

  • Speak clearly and at an appropriate volume level

  • Stay on topic

  • Be fully prepared

  • Avoid filler words like “umm”, or “you know”

Communication through Generation Gaps:

Communicating with peers is easier than holding conversations with someone who is older, or younger than you. In the workplace, there are many occasions when the generation gap can make us feel uncomfortable. For example, if your boss is younger, or vice versa, it doesn’t have to hinder effective communication. If you follow these tips, you can eliminate generational barriers in your place of business.

Tips for communication through Generation Gaps:

  • Avoid age related topics

  • Acknowledge their experience

  • Acknowledge their level of expertise

  • Seek their insights

  • Speak with respect

In order to run a business with a positive and professional work space, owners and managers must create an environment that allows workers to feel comfortable; a place for employees to professionally voice their opinions and most importantly a voice that employees respect. By following these tips, employees and clients will be more likely to respond will positive feedback. Communication is the key to a successful business. Let’s start talking!

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