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The Benefits of Working with a Local Marketing Agency

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

We are living in a time when the way people are working is changing, both on a local and worldwide level. As the retail apocalypse continues to devour brick and mortar businesses that have been around for a hundred years, jobs continue to be outsourced, corporations continue cutbacks and layoffs (and this isn’t even mentioning the looming automation apocalypse), the way people are making money and earning an income is changing as well.

Some folks are turning to the gig economy to earn a side income performing such tasks as picking up and delivering food or groceries, using their vehicles for transportation services, doing odd jobs and chores around town, as well as dog walking or pet sitting. But the audience to whom this article is geared are those who either own their own business, or others who have a serious side income stream that they want to take to the next level with a marketing and growth strategy.

When it comes to choosing whether you should go with a local agency to partner with or consider a more national company, there are a lot of things to take into account in regards being part of a local team:

They Know Your Area

There is something to be said for the fact that when you decide to work with someone from the same area or region as you, the familiarity with your demographic and the shared sense of community provides a pre-existing foundation for a successful business relationship before the agreements are even finalized. In a small town like Galveston, it really pays off to work with a team who has taken the time to get the know the area and the businesses that operate within. Understanding the culture and atmosphere of the town or city that your business is located in already offers a built-in set of marketing do’s and don’ts.

They Know Your Audience

You can’t understand the area without first understanding the people. In the tight-knit community of Galveston, it's important to recognize the individuality of the people, while staying true to the values that we all hold true. By keeping your business with a local agency, you are bringing in a group of professionals who not only excel in creating campaigns and strategies to help maximize your businesses’ exposure, but they do it specifically for the same potential customers and clients as you are trying to reach!

Communication is Easier and More Direct

When you opt for the national agency with more secretaries and assistants than actual agents and marketing strategists, sometimes getting clear and direct information can be very difficult. On top of that, face-to-face communication may be rare or completely non-existent.

And not only do you have to deal with difficulty communicating in those regards, but if you are based in different time zones then you are also dealing with different work schedules. This issue can become especially disastrous if you have an emergency at 3:15pm your time and 5:15pm their time and no one is in their office to speak to.

They Can Get You Assistance Faster

When you have a local agency taking care of your business and you need something done in a hurry, chances are that they have a nearby contact that can help with whatever issue that you might be facing. Maybe you'll even get lucky enough to run into one of your contacts at your friendly Galveston grocery store! It’s not only a valuable perk in critical situation either, it can also be of great mutual benefit to two different clients who may be in complementing industries and could both profit from a specific partnership.

Most Important of All: They Let You Focus on Your Business

When you don’t have to worry about overseeing and proofreading (and in some cases even developing) every little piece of digital or print copy to be used for advertising or some other type of brand awareness project, it allows you to point your attention to the things that you do best, and that is whatever it is that your business offers.

It is only then that you can be truly successful and reach your goals of running a business and providing for yourself and your family, all while contributing to and being a part of your community.

Let JanMar Agency help you reach your end of year goals! We have the knowledge, creativity, and over 70 years combined experience to help your business thrive. We are proud to serve Galveston and surrounding areas. Call or stop by today and let us turn your dreams into reality!

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