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Corporate Sustainability

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

April is the month when Spring starts to come into full effect - flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and many of us will celebrate Earth Day by getting outside, using less power, or taking a shorter shower. In honor of all the “green” pride that the month seems to evoke in us, Galveston’s top marketing firm will be discussing a concept called corporate sustainability. Corporate sustainability is a practice in which a business designs their strategy based on ethical, environmental, social, cultural, and economic factors. The concept places an emphasis on the “greener” dimensions of a business, rather than focusing on traditional profit-maximization models. These factors can range anywhere from lowering supply chain emissions, to producing a less-impactful product. By widening the lens to focus on incorporating these “green” aspects into their strategies, businesses are able to create a more deeply rooted, sustainable business model that speaks to the people and establishes more loyalty, all while helping the planet that we call home. Below, JanMar Agency will be diving into greater depth of the significance of corporate sustainability, as well as discussing examples and suggesting ideas to help implement green practices into your business model.


The evolution of corporate sustainability has been slowly unfolding over the years. Now in 2019, participating in environmental sustainability practices is of grave importance. Regardless of your views on planetary threats such as climate change and global warming, there is no denying that we are at a crucial point in protecting the health of our planet. A vast majority of top brands have strived for at least some sort of corporate sustainability in their business. Some brands have gone above and beyond to meet their due diligence for the people and the planet. Ride share company, Lyft, has set goals for itself to become carbon neutral in the next few years. Kickstarter, the world’s largest fundraising company for creative projects gives users access to resources for environmental tools that will help implement sustainability into their business model from the very beginning.

Such innovative companies are leading the way in greener business practices. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact that industry has. A 2014 study revealed that over half of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services that come from brands that run a sustainable business.* Therefore, not only does corporate sustainability help the planet, it also helps your bottom line.


No matter what kind of business you have, there is a multitude of easy and inexpensive ways to incorporate environmental sustainability into your business model. Some things that restaurants can do to reduce their carbon footprint is cutting down use of plastic to-go-ware, hosting a profit share or fundraiser to donate to a local charity, or buying produce from the local farmer’s market. Many farmers will offer a discount on unsold produce at the end of a market, or if you offer to buy in bulk from them regularly. Other ways to bring sustainability into your business include utilizing natural light, signing up for paperless billing, and adjusting your thermostat.


Corporate sustainability is a social and environmental responsibility that we all have a vested interest in. Top brands have seen an increase in loyalty, as well as increased profits since incorporating environmental sustainability practices into their business model. Implementing such strategies does not have to be difficult or expensive. Even the smallest acts help move us forward in the right direction. If we work together to take steps toward creating a greener industrial world, we will all reap great benefits.

If you would like to bring sustainable practices into your business but you’re unsure of where to begin, JanMar Agency can help! We offer green resources and services to help your business thrive in a responsible way.


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