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Icon Design


Icon Poster

We Do Icon Designs.

Our team specializes in creating custom icon designs that can represent anything from real-world objects to fantasy concepts or action-oriented themes. Icons are versatile tools that can be used across various platforms, including social media profiles, websites, emails, and more. These small yet impactful designs have the potential to leave a lasting memory for your business among both current and potential customers.


Despite their compact size, we invest a significant amount of thought into every aspect of your icon design–form, aesthetic, color scheme, and recognizability. We understand the importance of consistency and uniqueness, ensuring that your icons are personalized to your liking. 

When you receive your icons from JanMar Agency, you can expect your graphic symbols to be in high resolution, resizable, and suitable for both print and web use. Additionally, we are flexible in providing you with the necessary formats to seamlessly integrate your new icons into your business.

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