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Zach Toth


Zach Toth is JanMar’s go to for all things web development and pay per click advertising. Zach began his career in marketing while attending Texas A&M University Corpus Christi as a brand manager for Red Bull. Through his studies and time with Red Bull, Zach picked up a wide range of multimedia design and marketing skills.

After graduating in 2014, Zach moved to Austin and began a marketing career in the tech startup industry. As things go in the startup world, he was abruptly laid off. Instead of embarking on the grueling task of finding a new job in the big city, Zach decided to move back to Galveston and make a go at it on his own. 

Zach taught himself web development and search engine optimization in order to start his own travel blog. From there things started to snowball. Friends and family began asking for websites and help with their online businesses. A Houston based marketing agency recognized his talent and hired him as a junior web developer. In 2017, after stuffing enough experience under his belt, he set out on his own and started Toth Digital, a boutique web design and search engine marketing studio based in Galveston. 

Today, JanMar and Toth Digital work closely together to offer their clients quality marketing campaigns that produce results.

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