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Outsmarting Social Media Algorithms

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

In this day and age, we are all on social media. From liking and sharing funny cat videos to catching up with relatives across the globe. But what do all social media platforms have in common? You guessed it- algorithms! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even LinkedIn uses algorithms to cater to their consumers’ responses and feedback.

Here, you will gain some knowledge of what algorithms are, how to outsmart the system, and how to use them to your advantage to boost your business.

What Are Algorithms?

What are algorithms anyway? Algorithms have so much depth to its definition. In short, algorithms are a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. Each social media platform has their own set of “rules” to follow. Working around the algorithm to get the best reach and output for your business can be tricky. The essential goal is to get content out to the viewers. For example, Facebook is designed to show content based on making connections while Instagram tends to show more content of what pages you are actively searching and, therefore more likely to look at. Each algorithm is used based on the platform’s overall priority. Knowing what goals you're trying to reach with your business, as well as finding the best social media site and working with the algorithm to your advantage is a recipe for success!

How To Understand Social Media Algorithms?

Understanding this process can be overwhelming. Breaking down each social media platform will give you more insight into understanding the algorithm. Starting with the most popular social media, Facebook. Facebook is based on making connections and giving notifications to pages users most likely will care about and are most relevant to them. Instagram shows you content based on a timeline feed as well as pages and pictures that a user will more actively engage with. As well as giving more questionnaires of the kind of ads the user specifically would want to see. Twitter also shows a timeline based feed. It's also up to the user to change their feed settings to show the profiles they would most likely be interactive on. As a marketer knowing the content each network shows to its users is a key to outsmarting them.

Outsmarting them?

Not only is not about outsmarting the algorithm itself but to work around them to your advantage. To alter the content your business posts through trial and error until you've found a method that is the most effective.

Ways to use them.

There are many ways to outsmart the algorithm. Breaking it down starting with Facebook, as stated beforehand this site is based on making connections. Getting the reach you would like to achieve you want to create posts that are engaging with the viewers. Ask questions to get a response to spark a conversation. Starting conversation will help you stand out from other posts and pages. Try posting polls to get an even bigger feedback response. Encourage your viewers to leave responses on posts. When on Twitter use hashtags to file your posts with other like content and to keep viewers interested in seeing more. While using Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook try tagging other users and using locations to give the personalization feeling. On Instagram ask viewers to turn their notifications on to be alerted when you have uploaded new content.

Key Takeaways

Algorithms can be hard to understand but breaking it down to smaller pieces of information will be easier to find the best solution for your business. Setting goals for the type of content your business would release. Creating fresh eye-catching content that is highly engaging will get a much higher response.

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